Don’t Miss Out on our Bomber series!! Now $12!

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Judy Hembree.
Limited edition Bombers! $12! Your choice of Lionheart Barleywine, Bourbon Barrel-aged Lionheart Barleywine, Zinful, or the latest addition, Dos Generations. Buy 1, or all 4!
Lionheart Barleywine: Our version of the classic style is a hybrid of both and American and English style Barleywine. Smooth and balanced, yet high in alcohol to warm you on those cold winter nights. ABV 12%
Bourbon Barrel aged Lionheart Barleywine: We took our “303″ series to the next level by aging our Lionheart Barleywine in a Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrel for 3 months. Notes of Bourbon and oak compliment the Malt and hops. Not for the faint of “Heart”! ABV 13%
Zinful: Zinful is a beer/wine hybrid made in honor of the 4th anniversay here at Dad & Dude’s. Belgian 2-row malt meets Zinfindel, cabernet and blackberry juices. Fermented with a proprietary yeast strain and aged for over 4 months in French Red Wine Barrels. This beer pairs well with food, cheese and your best friends! ABV 9%
Dos Generations: Dos Generations is an Imperial Agave Blonde Ale aged in Tequila barrels, made in honor of Dad and Dude. ABV 10%