Counter Culture

Opening our brewery and pizzeria in the suburbs was an act of rebellion. This is where we played, laughed and got into trouble. Then, the developers invaded with an insatiable appetite for the bland. Their shopping malls smothered the land that we played soccer, held late night parties and got into trouble. When the fluorescent loving big-box stores started to open, we knew it was now or never. We hoisted our flag in the middle of Cornerstar Shopping Complex.

It wasn’t the first time I had gone to war against normalcy. In my previous life, I was a thief. I stole internet traffic from bankers, and sold it right back to them. But, after a serendipitous meeting with a Whitman-yielding phantom philosopher, I decided there was more I could offer the world. Like the developers, I too had an insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, for them, my appetite was to spread a message of dissent against normalcy. Many of these messages, you will find hidden throughout our works.

Beer with hops in it.

“ I wanted to put our own stamp on our stomping grounds and our roots before the developers and chain stores wiped it out. „
- Dude

Dank Cans

Dude’s Brews

I was given the name “Dude” long before I could understand how deeply philosophical it would become. My father was the director of training for a Mexican restaurant chain in California. As he cruised around, my punk ass in hand, the cooks, flirtatious waitstaff and brown nosing managers all called me “Dude.” I showed them how to make ghost faces in their tortillas, and that even a Dude can enjoy a virgin strawberry daiquiri (Albeit, I was only two years old). All father-and-son outings quickly became Dad & Dude outings. My pseudonym was born.

Fast forward, I build a brewery and pizzeria alongside my food-loving father. The sweet fermented nectar we made became Dude’s Brews. With the dudiest of intentions, I became ordained a Dudeist Priest. I lived by the philosophy of taking it easy, but never forgot what inspired me to brew beer in the first place. A deep desire to change the land-of-bland into something more artistic developed into a subconscious manifesto. With Whitman’s Leaves of Grass in hand, every step we make in the world of beer will mean more than just awesome hand-crafted ales.

“ Walt Whitman instructed me when he wrote the words "This is what you shall do..." So, I did „
- Dude