Dude’s Brews

I was given the name “Dude” long before I could understand how deeply philosophical it would become. My father was the director of training for a Mexican restaurant chain in California. As he cruised around, my punk ass in hand, the cooks, flirtatious waitstaff and brown nosing managers all called me “Dude.” I showed them how to make ghost faces in their tortillas, and that even a Dude can enjoy a virgin strawberry daiquiri (Albeit, I was only two years old). All father-and-son outings quickly became Dad & Dude outings. My pseudonym was born.

Fast forward, I build a brewery and pizzeria alongside my food-loving father. The sweet fermented nectar we made became Dude’s Brews. With the dudiest of intentions, I became ordained a Dudeist Priest. I lived by the philosophy of taking it easy, but never forgot what inspired me to brew beer in the first place. A deep desire to change the land-of-bland into something more artistic developed into a subconscious manifesto. With Whitman’s Leaves of Grass in hand, every step we make in the world of beer will mean more than just awesome hand-crafted ales.

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Sir Francis Danken

Sir Francis Danken becomes first English captain to sail to India with heavily hopped libations. His brews became wildly popular and lead to movements in the arts, sciences and philosophy. As an ode to his greatness, things that were considered exceptionally awesome were given the adverb “danken,” and said to be “DANKEN AWESOME!” The world later evolved into an adjective, “DANK,” meaning really-really-really-ridiculously awesome.


The Prohibition

A group of socially inept introverts were sick of being left off the list when the country’s wildest parties were going down. As a way to kill everyone’s buzz, they attempted to ban tube tops and mini skirts. When their efforts failed, they turned their guns on alcohol, and succeeded with the Volstead Act. BUMMER!


Mason smellin some hops

Mason’s First Home Brew

Realizing his freeloading roommates were raiding the refrigerators most prized commodity, beer, Dude decided the only thing to be done was brew enough beer and have an endless supply of sweet nectar. Dude bought his first all grain brewing system and began cranking out enough liquid awesomeness to fulfill the desires of any college party animal.


Crested Butte

After years of stealing internet traffic from bankers and selling it back to them, Dude began yearning to find something more satisfying that could be shared with his family, friends and neighbors. The inspiration would come on one fateful trip to Crested Butte.

A mysterious phantom-philosopher peddling inspiration from his bicycle met Dude outside of South Park’s Pizza Hut. This Dudeist of Dude’s shared his story, which involved leaving a successful business and every material possession behind in order to find the true nectar of life. His inspiration, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, was given to Dude and led to a whirlwind of introspection and desire to do something more fulfilling.


Dad and Dude in front of portrait.

Opening of Dad & Dudes

Within months of the fateful Crested Butte trip, Dude decided he too would leave his past behind and begin a new journey. This journey, he felt, would be well suited in the company of his family, especially his father.


“It’s A Wonderful Life” Sunday December 17th, 5pm -8pm

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” Listen for the bell, and receive your “wings” from Clarence’s sidekick. Order the kids an old-fashioned ice cream sundae. Savor Mom’s classic “Cherries Jubilee!” dessert! Over 21, order a George “Bailey” cocktail or coffee drink,

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A Bitter, Dark & Downable Tributary Stout brewed in honor of great leader Kim Jong-Un.

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Dank IPA

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Originally released in 2012, Dank is BACK after a tiny run-in with “the man.” We’ve packed this Colorado-style India Pale Ale with pounds of the sweetest Cannabaceae Humulus Lupulus. This heavily dry-hopped IPA is balanced with a smooth caramel maltiness reminiscent of old-school IPAs. Prepare for cotton mouth, and remember to always pass the Dank on the left.

India Pale Ale 16 fl oz 6.5abv

New York International Beer Competition SILVER MEDAL

World Beer Championships SILVER MEDAL

Named #1 of 10 pot-themed Colorado beers to pair with Amendment 64

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Dank Beer Can

RyeOT Rye Ale

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An aggressive approach the to American red ale. We overloaded this beer with over 16% rye and made it the primary focus on flavor and steez. Instead of hiding the rye behind a fog of hop flavor and aroma, we tossed some Indonesian Lampong Peppercorn into the mix, gave them a bullhorn and let the party begin. Like every good riot, this beer finishes with a subtle hint of pepper.

World Beer Championships BRONZE MEDAL

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Leaves of Lemongrass

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An Americanized Belgian-style witbier with all the funk we love and a revolutionary lemongrass twist. Brewed as an ode to the life altering poetry discovered during one crazy trip to Crested Butte. Brewed with orange peel, coriander and a hint of lemongrass. This beer is our take on the Belgian wit, man! Please enjoy in a reclined position.

World Beer Championships BRONZE MEDAL

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How Beer is Made, Step One: Research and Development

Anybody who is anybody knows the most important rule of crafting a delicious libation is research and development.

We use proprietary R&D methods at the brewpub. We will share a few with you here:

Drink Beer. Discuss Politics. Study Religion. Haze your friend for spilling a beer. Challenge the biggest guy in the bar to an arm wrestling match. Chat with pretty ladies (or good lookin’ Dude’s). Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Most important step to R&D…


How Beer is Made, Step Two: Magic

Many breweries will tell you nonsense about their mystical brewing process. Sometimes they start with their uncomfortably strange love for their maltster and how they will change the world.

Sometimes they lead into the water chemistry from mash to boil. Perhaps there is mention of a perfect decoction method or that they stick their stupid foot in the mash to really feel the enzyme reactions.

Liars! Theives! Snobs!

The truth is, beer is magic. Much like the tooth fairy, we leave malted barley, hops and yeast out for a benevolent tribe of beautiful fairies. In exchange for our offerings, they leave us beer. How their beer is made… Well, ask them.

Oh yea, and they always tell us to TAKE IT EASY… it’s just beer

How Beer is Made, Step 3: Enjoy the Beer

Enjoying the beer is the most important step of the brewing process.

Beer was made to enhance our social interactions. It’s pretty badass if you ask us. Beer gave aristocratic land owners a reason to gather in the Green Dragon Tavern and tell the king “We’re not paying taxes.” It brings thousands together in Denver every year for the Great American Beer Festival. Most importantly, it brought Dad & Dude together to make something totally unique in the land of bland [the suburbs].

After you find a good social gathering. Sip and savor the beer. Enjoy the company around you.

When the last drop of beer has been consumed…TAKE IT EASY and Revert to Step One