The Breweria

Wednesday: $8 growler fills and $8 pitchers




When we were imagining our tasty cultural-overthrow project — a small, home-away-from-home community spot with exceptional pizza, beer and people — we couldn’t find a word to capture what we dreamed of. So we made one up: Breweria. On the pizza side, Dad (Thomas Hembree) and his tasteful team conjure up delicious pizzas, calzones, breads and salads. Our pizza has been deemed the best in the area by customers and experts from throughout the region. We agree with them.

On the beer side, Dude (Mason Hembree) and his brew crew handcraft super-small-batch beer of exceptional quality and flavor. Artful-but-unpretentious beers that pair perfectly with our food. Our twin art forms come together, literally, in our unique, homemade spent-grain dough. It’s made from scratch with leftover grains from our brewing process, and we use it in all of pizzas, calzone, breads and more. Yes, it’s awesome.

Brews on Tap

Dank IPA
Leaves of Lemongrass Belgian Witbier
Ryeot Rye Ale
Pineapple Express
Hoparazzi Black IPA
Something Light Cream Ale
United in Oranges Cream Ale
Toffee Porter
Play Ball Blueberry Cream Ale
Diggity Dank Imperial IPA
Model Citizen Blonde Ale
S.m.a.s.h in Case of Emergency Pale Ale
Wild Cider Pineapple
George Washingtons Secret Stash CBD infused Beer